In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Having escaped the planet Gor, I was taken on a ride to a place at the far end of the galaxy in a time that was far, far away. I found myself on a Star Wars Roleplaying sim called Star Wars Legacies. It’s one of several Star Wars themed sims in which you can play out your role in the Star Wars universe.

You can be a Stormtrooper, Sith Lord, Jedi Knight, a Wookie or thousands of other possibilities. I chose to be a human like android. I was found in a pile of garbage by two adventure seeking individuals and brought back to the lair of the Black Dawn group. There, another android that looked human as well was able to reboot my software but my memory was too damaged for me to know how I got there, who my owner is and what my purpose is.

In an attempt to help restore my memory, I explored the sim and the different locations is afforded me. You start at a landing point where you can buy Star Wars looking clothing and weapons. Then its a short walk to the space ships that will take you to Coruscant, New Alderaan, the Imperial Palace or the Imperial Star Base. There are other sections that are being worked on and I didn’t have access to them.


I opened my eyes to a new awakening. Due to some software issues, my eyes betrayed what I really was… an android.


Jez - Sun-Halo_001

I gazed upon a new world. My sub-routines wanted me to find out what my purpose was and whom owned me. This could be a quest of a thousand years but as a robot, time was on my side.


There were plenty of other droids to talk to in my search for my history or someone to repair my damaged memory chips. This droid was of little help besides trying to get me drunk. Maybe some rebel pilot put him up to it so he could take advantage of my tantric programming…


Many men were quick to offer their suggestions that I was a sex droid. Meant for the pleasure of men. I think there is a darker secret hidden in me and this was just a way to get men to talk. I explored the store fronts to see if there was someone who could help me. No one had the answers that I sought. Unfortunately the droid repair shop was closed so I could not even get a chance to have my memory repaired.

Jez - Building-Backdrop-1_001

At the Imperial Palace location I found some buildings to explore. People held in tanks and what appeared to be other experiments going on. Could I be a spy or an assassin for the Imperium? Further exploration was needed.

Jez - Throne Room_001

I found the throne room in the Imperial Palace. I was not able to meet with any Lords or Chancellors or even Sith though my presence certainly got some attention.

Jez - Storm Troopers-1_001

Storm Troopers moved in to search for the intruder. I didn’t stand much of a chance against this many of them, even though their unsteady hands and poor aim were on my side. I snuck away out a different door and found a place to hide.

Jez - frame-4_001

In the shadows I now hide. Biding my time when I can return to Coruscant and continue my quest for my truth.

Jez - Frame-1_001

Jezz, the android, will eventually find her history. The bigger question may be: does she really want to know it?   Will you come and help me?

Jezz is wearing…

Body: Maitreya (Lara 3.5)
Hair: eXxEsS (Kazi Mesh Hair – B)
Eyes: CyberEye v2.1
Dress: Plastix (Rebel Suit (Light Grey)
Boots: [Neurolab Inc.] (Evo-6 Boots Classic V1.1)


Village of Sais

The journey through Second Life has detours for all kinds of experiences. One of the biggest adventures for second lifers is the roleplay aspect. Take on the persona of a fictional character from books, movies or something completely made up and help write the story one paragraph or “emote” at a time. It’s exciting as you never know where the story is going to go. Just one emote and it takes a turn where you least expect it.

On this day I decided to visit the Village of Sais. It was very early in the morning at a time when most sims are still sleepy. It allows me to take my pictures without nterruption. Sais is a fictional place that is referenced in the Gorean saga books as penned by John Norman. Counter-Earth is a planet rotating around our sun exactly opposite from Earth so we don’t know it’s there. An alien race has populated it with humans and rules over the planet’s inhabitants from behind the curtain known as the Sardar Mountains. The peoples of Gor are held back in weapon technology to that of roughly the medieval times with swords and bows. Men dominate the society and women (and few men) are enslaved.

I dressed Jezz up as a kajira (gorean slave girl) to enter Sais. There was something daring and at the same time scary about going in with a steel collar strapped around my neck to designate my status. For those feeling really adventurous try using RLV to have it locked on by the master or mistress who purchase you so you really can’t get it off!


Entering off the docks I am met with the archway that takes me into the main section of the village. Straight ahead is the café which is a hub of activity for all.

Sais - Cafe2_001Sais - Cafe_001Sais - merchant cart 1_001

As a fishing village, Sais has stalls selling the fresh catch of the day. A variety of fish and crabs were that day’s specialty.

Once inside the village I wandered around to check out the sights. The village well was a pretty spot not too far from the café. Rental apartments are close by so you are never far from the roleplay action happening in the café or the courtyard area.


As I progressed deeper into the sim, I came across a Lady Slaver (Lady Adder Boa). She was very curious about me and asked about my owner and where I was from. I think she was considering taking me into the kennels for training so she could then sell me and make a profit. After making up a tale of being owned she let me go to continue on my journey.

Sais - Kennels - Lady Boa_001

The next spectacular spot was a bridge carrying me over a small river from the business side of the village to the residential side. The background was accentuated with a beautiful waterfall, though you couldn’t tell it from the picture.

Sais - Bridge 1 - lens flare_001

In the residential area I found a couple of little nooks to sit and enjoy the view. There was even a memorial to those citizens who had passed away in real life (RL). My favorite place though as a gazebo where I curled up with a book on how to be a better kajira. I think I need a lot more help than the book could supply though.


Just when I thought I had seen it all I found a swing that I missed on my way into the residential area. I felt like a little girl at the park and seeing how high I could swing. I’m not sure if they let the slave girls use the swing but no one yelled at me for wasting valuable chore time swinging back and forth. Maybe I should have been reading more of the book instead of playing?

Sais - Swing 2_001

There was plenty more to see in Sais though I had run out of time and didn’t have the proper roleplay tags to get behind some of the locked areas, including a full warrior hall, tower, bench seating and an elaborate tunnel system. Maybe I can serve one of the administrators for a night in exchange for some access and I’ll do a follow up to this blog.

If you visit Sais, tell them a simple slave girl by the name Jezz sent you. Remember to tell me of your adventures in Sais!

Location: Village of Sais
Body: Maitreya – Lara
Hair: Emo-tions – Jewell (red)
Skin: LAQ – Tasha2 (peach)
Anklet: Soedara – Mystique Seductress Gold Coin Anklet
Bracelets: The Forge – Gypsy Bracelets (gold)
Circlet: Soedara – Circlet of the Desert (gold)
Earrings: Emo-tions – Orion
Collar: Dancers Collar (Temple of the Collar)
Slave Outfit: Soedara – Sundancer (paisley & glitter)


Summer Time Fun!

The summer is upon us and I couldn’t help but buy a new bathing suit, sunglasses and sandals. I found the most wonderful little beach place to hang out that also has a DJ and dance floor! There were so many nooks and crannies to explore that I didn’t have time to find all of the spots. I’m definitely going back when there is a bigger crowd and dancing the night away. Instead I lounged by the pool and then took a dip in the surf. All in all a very relaxing time.



The top photo is with the dance floor behind me. The next one is the DJ booth and me trying to scratch a disk. Honestly it didn’t go very well so I’ll stick to dancing. The waves were great and next time I’ll take time to grab one of the surfboards they have available and hang ten. Then after all the excitement, I lounged by the pool. So relaxing!

Body: Maitreya (Lara)
Skin: LAQ (Tasha2 – peach)
Hair: *Argrace* (Kaoru – dark browns)
Bathing Suit: !Rebel Hope (Kauai Mesh Biking – Rebel Pack)
Sarong: !Rebel Hope (Mesh Sarong – black)
Sandals: !Rebel Hope (Laguna Mesh Sandal – black)
Glasses: Redgrave (Maddison v.2)
Bracelets: Bowtique (Baroque Bangle Bracelet Set)

Location:  Secret Beach (Opelessence 203,69,21)


Photography Studio Search

If I’m going to be posting pictures in my blog then I need to find some alternatives for taking pictures and learn how to get better with them in Second Life. After hunting around a bit today, I found a public photo studio that meets my needs for now. There are times when I want to show off the outfit that I’m wearing and having a cluttered background just doesn’t work right.

As I was hunting around for some good sims to visit, I came across a clothing store that was having a photography contest. You had to use their clothing to come up with your interpretation of a Hollywood couple from a movie. Unfortunately I wasn’t crazy about their clothing or the picture they selected but I did like the idea. So I’m asking you, my readers, to give me suggestions as to what you want me to try and dress up as. A historical figure? A superhero? Maybe even some crossplay? Let’s hear your suggestions in the comments below.

I came across this dress and heels yesterday and have been having fun in the hot weather checking out some dance clubs. The dress is sexy and daring, at least for me and I love the heels with the straps and buckles.

You may also notice that I changed my hair and added some glasses. I think this is a more pulled together and mature look from what I posted yesterday. If the comments of the men in Second Life are any indication, the look is well received. I’m still wearing the same skin and mesh body from the original post yesterday and will only include it in the notes below if it changes.

Hair: Rezology (Aria)
Eyes: IKON (Sovereign – Chocolate)
Dress: Pink Cherry (Twisted Neckholder Dress ‘Anais’ – black)
Heels: KC Couture (London Heels – Hud has tons of colors to customize these heels)
Bracelet: Beloved Jewelry (Sweetheart Bracelets)
Earrings: Beloved Jewelry (Sweetheart Earrings)
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style (Norma)
Location: Free Public Photostudio (Angels 174, 214, 23)


I’ve returned to Second Life after a hiatus. I’ve decided to come back and do something different than the last time. Behind me are the roleplay sims and pretending to be vampires, fairies and other people. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the play and the stories that unfolded but it was time for a change. This time I want to explore more of what Second Life has to offer. See the sights, meet new people and just have a good time without the stress of being on at a certain time.

In order to do this a girl has to look good. I didn’t. My avatar was old and pre-mesh. She was in desperate need of an upgrade and what an experience it’s been. Learning about mesh bodies alpha huds and how the clothing all works now. Though I must say that it’s been fun and the results are outstanding. So much better than the prim days which I’m happy to say is in the rear-view mirror.


Body – Maitreya (Lara 3.5)
Skin – LAQ (Tasha2 – peach #8)
Hair – eXxEsS (Zora)
Dress – {Reverie} (Audrey – grey)
Bangles – EarthStones (tarnished gypsy bangles – silver/berry)
Location – Hazardous, Hazardous Inc (172, 192, 53)

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